Rollercoaster Photos: The True Fear Fest

Tonight's post reads more like a photo journal of fright. Frightful photos of us at a carnival that is. And if you manage to make it to the end, you will be delightfully rewarded with the photographic results of a ride that nearly took our lives over the course of 138 terrifying seconds. 


In case we haven't mentioned it before, we both live in Vancouver, Canada; a city with infinite outdoor adventures at your doorstep and also endless and unpredictable amounts of rain for a large part of the year. Sunny days in the fall are so rare that when you see them, in all their red and orange haunted glory, you do everything in your power to get yourself outside for as much of the day/night as possible. So when we saw the forecast was calling for a clear Wednesday night this week, our first thought, while we put away the bottle of Vitamin D, was, of course, Fright Night at Playland! What else would we rather do than scare ourselves shitless through haunted mansions and ride rollercoasters on a weekday night? 

Obligatory bathroom selfie

Obligatory bathroom selfie

We decided to bring along our Photography Intern (jk it's our little sis, Hannah), which ended up being the best decision of the night. If you've ever been on Youtube around this time of year, you've probably seen the Ellen videos where she sends her writer and producer, Amy and Andy, into local horror houses (if not please watch for reference) for our viewing pleasure. Well, we decided that, while closely comparable to Andy, watching Hannah have deep guttural reactions to live actors in less-than-scary haunted houses was way more entertaining. So naturally we made her go in 3 of them with us, back to back to back. Sadly we couldn't bring any cameras inside but for comparison, it looked something like this:

We don't know this woman, but we're pretty sure she's Hannah's spirit animal.

We don't know this woman, but we're pretty sure she's Hannah's spirit animal.

Things mellowed out a bit after the haunted houses with some easy high-swing, ferris wheel and slightly nauseating rides. But then we decided to line up for the quintessential wooden rollercoaster; a staple at every amusement park, which as far as we're concerned almost ended our (ahem) young lives.

Sidenote: We all happen to be HUGE rollercoaster fans thanks to our Dad who used to take us on them when we were probably way too small to actually be allowed (the 80's bowl cuts must have made us look taller).

After a 15 or so minute wait in line, we approached the rollercoaster cars only to realize we would be separated, so Hannah, being the champ that she is, volunteered (she might have a different account of this) to go solo at the caboose, while we remained second from the front. Quickly after we took off and started the climb up to the initial drop point, we realized the space between the 'security' bars and our bodies was large enough to fit a small Harbour seal. What followed for the next 138 seconds (lifetime, really) was a dance with gravity that resulted in level-zero remaining dignity and had us screaming end-of-life demands at one another all the while wishing we had more upper body strength to hold onto the bar better.

It also resulted in this horrifying photo and we will completely understand if you don't want to be our friend anymore.

*Special shoutout to Haley's left boob and my hair which both tried to escape our bodies in a bid for safety.

Faces only a mother could love.

Faces only a mother could love.

Hannah on the other hand looks cool as a cucumber.... (Actually, we're pretty sure she was trying to grasp the bar with her teeth as extra security but the g-force was so real).


Anyway, with our lives returned back to normal after this near-death experience, we continue to count down the days until our favourite holiday and look forward to sharing more Halloween stories with you!