Halloween Family Hike: A New Tradition

As some of you may or may not know, this past summer our parents and youngest sister decided to join us on the West Coast permanently. It's something we dreamed of for a long time, since flights back and forth across the country were not ideal for anyone, despite it always being nice for us to go visit 'home'.

Now that everyone is here, we've been trying to nurture some old traditions (ie. family dinner every Sunday with at least one sister hungover) and create new ones, like our most recent addition: Halloween Family Hike. In simple terms, we pick a destination, put on our Halloween costumes (with stretchy pants underneath) and hike the day away together. 

For our inaugural year, we chose to hike to Brocton Point on Mt. Seymour located in North Van; an easy trail that follows the ski runs to the highest chairlift on the resort. We figured it was something simple for the kids that also happens to have an incredible view of the city and Mount Baker on a clear day. So with our Mom away and Hannah holding firm to the first tradition (hungover), we packed up who we could with whatever d.i.y costumes we could and headed to the trailhead. What followed was an incredible, sweaty, bird-filled day that we can't wait to do again next year.

For now, we'll let the few photos we took speak for themselves.


And of course, no Vancouver hike is complete without a visit from the Whiskey Jacks.

Happy Samhain, friends!