Sister, Sister: An Introduction

Welcome and thank you so much for stopping by! We're kicking things off with a simple introduction of who we are and what we hope to share with you on our blog. A little teaser, if you will, in hopes that you'll (willingly) come back to visit the site again.   

In simple terms, we are Haley and Heather:

Rocking bowl cuts and Canadian Tuxedos since, well, always. We still do from time to time. 

Rocking bowl cuts and Canadian Tuxedos since, well, always. We still do from time to time. 

Sisters from a small northern town who both happened to surrender to the West coast calling, only to find ourselves growing up together all over again; this time in our 30s.

William Wallace Monument, Stirling, Scotland.

William Wallace Monument, Stirling, Scotland.

What used to be conversations about how to sneak out of the house at night, listening to Tori Amos, balanced with dreams of exotic futures and dancing 'til we dropped has somehow changed. Devolved, possibly, into ‘please, for shit’s sake, do not let me be pregnant for the 4th time’ and ‘hey, is it cool if I come crash in your basement for a few weeks because my only other option is a van’. We’re still listening to Tori Amos, though, only now we ugly-cry every time 'Hey Jupiter' comes on.

But more than that, over the years, we’ve managed to carve out perfectly imperfect lives for ourselves. And while our chosen paths may appear somewhat different on the surface, they are intricately woven together by the very same threads of community, love and magic that inevitably brought us to a place where our differences became our strongest hold on one another.

Our idea behind starting this blog was really a way for us to share with you the things we love together, as sisters. Which, as it turns out, happens to be a whole lot. From outdoor adventure to feminism to community living to vegan eats to travel; our hope is that in some, even small way, we can help create an uplifting, encouraging and inspiring space for you to visit, all the while learning to grow together. Oh, and laugh together. We laugh a lot. Predominantly at ourselves.

inspire firecracker in water

In short, we are so excited to see where this blog takes us, and even though we have a really comical imbalance of amazing plans vs. time, we're really happy to have each of you with us on this journey from seedling today to field tomorrow.